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[metering] integrating Quantum and Ceilometer



As part of the ceilometer project¹, we're working on retrieving usage
data from various OpenStack components. We would like to integrate
with Quantum for information about network resource utilization that a
deployer might want to bill their tenants for.

Ceilometer has a plugin-based architecture, which makes it easy to add
new measurement types and data collectors. Our approach with other
measurements is to collect everything and let the ceilometer user decide
what to bill for and what to ignore (they can turn off measurements for
things they do not care about).

Depending on the project and the type of data, we can either
use the notification events generated by allocating/deallocating
a resource, or we can poll for metrics being collected elsewhere.
We will probably want to use both approaches for integrating
with Quantum (e.g., use events for things like IP allocation and
polling for I/O).

Do you have any advice on how to integrate Ceilometer and Quantum?
For example, does Quantum emit notifications and does it collect
(or provide an API to query) I/O statistics?


¹  http://launchpad.net/ceilometer

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