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TC Candidacy


I'd like to propose myself as a candidate for the Technical Committee.

== About Me ==

I am currently a Principal Architect at Rackspace, where i work on Private Cloud deployments powered by OpenStack.

== OpenStack Experience ==

I have been contributing to the development of OpenStack side May of 2011. I have contributed to the nova, glance, and keystone projects. Most of my contributions have been focused on usability and functionality of the software (with an operators viewpoint). My reviews and commits can be seen here:


In order to help with ease of installation and configuration, I have worked on a couple of projects in the OpenStack ecosystem. I have spent the most time working on the chef-cookbooks that we use for our deployments. These cookbooks are currently the source from which Opscode is creating the "official" community cookbooks.


As testing and usability are both important to me, I have contributed to the following test suites. These test suites help validate new deployments, and help us identify issues in milestone releases.


As part of my current position, I have run several multi-day OpenStack workshops with a wide variety of companies. During these workshops, I have had the opportunity to see how business ranging from small to enterprise companies are utilizing/wanting to utilize OpenStack. I believe that this kind of input is extremely valuable to the community and to the project.

== Involvement with Open Source ==

I have been using open source software for the better part of 15 years, and have contributed to multiple projects over the years. OpenStack is the largest project I have ever worked on, and I really enjoy the collaboration pushing it along.

== Reasons for interest in TC ==

As OpenStack adoption increases, upgradability and operator usability also gain in importance. I believe that operator interaction, and ease of management  both have a tremendous impact on adoption of OpenStack. I think having an operations viewpoint on the TC will help us as a community continue to improve both of these aspects.

Thank you for your consideration,
Justin Shepherd

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