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Announcing candidacy for Technical Committee


I am announcing my candidancy for the Technical Committee.

For nearly 10 years, I had been the owner of a small web hosting and VPS hosting
company. There, I provided leadership and managerial duties, in addition to
architecting and implementing our own (open source) virtualization/cloud
management solution, an effort we began in 2006.

For over a year, I've been at Cloudscaling helping deliver similar
automation technology to others.

I have been a contributor to Nova since Cactus, but recently have become
more involved in openstack-common.

I believe in providing fault-tolerant / resilient, scalable architecture,
modular software design, and a security-minded approach to implementation.

To date, most of my contributions have been to advance these points.
In Folsom, I contributed a ZeroMQ-based RPC driver to provide scalability
and fault tolerance. In Cactus, I had contributed a simple, but extensive, fix
to utils.execute as a significant security improvement. I intend to make further
such improvements to the scalability and security of OpenStack, both directly,
and through leadership.

Furthermore, I have lent my voice to security-related topics such as improving
rootwrap, configuration-drive / metadata injection, and own a blueprint
to introduce message signing in Grizzly. At summits, I have aimed to voice the
promotion of scalable patterns and security-mindedness.

In Grizzly, besides message signing, I would like to see improvements
in the database handling, increased cooperation with eventlet coroutines, and
a more extensive security review with subsequent fixes. I also believe
that reasonable tradeoffs in the architecture have been made at times,
but that these are owed re-evaluation, because continued improvements
mean that valid decisions do not necessarily remain valid in an evolving

I believe that OpenStack requires leaders with experience 'in the trenches' of
operations, implementation, and of course, leadership. I ask for your trust,
and your votes, in this coming Technical Committee election.

Thank you,
Eric Windisch

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