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TC Candidacy


Howdy ya'll!

++ Who am I ++

I'd like to also put myself up for the Technical Committee candidate
position, via one of the seats that are being made available. I believe I
have software at my heart (not literally) and that all systems should be
as elegant and architecturally sound as humanly possible. Helping
OpenStack achieve this type of 'beauty' is my goal and it has been a
learning process in getting there (myself included) and I'd like to
contribute what I can to make this continue to happen. In my spare time I
code more than I should, mountain bike, ski (double diamonds ftw), and
rock climb (5.12+ woot). Qui audet adipiscitur ('he who dares wins').

++ Background and Experience ++

I work at Yahoo! as one of the technical leads on the OpenStack team where
we have been working to get better involved in the OpenStack community and
establishing OpenStack internally (top secret!). We are focused on scale
(tens of thousands of servers), reliability, and making the best software
that is humanly possible (who doesn't want that)!

++ What I believe I can bring ++

I have been on various engineering teams at Yahoo! for the last 5 years. I
have designed/architected and implemented code that runs on
http://www.yahoo.com, the ad systems, the social network backends, and so
on. Each project has required understanding how scale and reliability can
be achieved, so that it¹s possible to maximize uptime (thus getting more
customers and so on). I started with OpenStack around the diablo timeframe
(the progress has been amazing so A+ there). Currently I have been working
on establishing OpenStack in Yahoo! and making sure Yahoo! keeps on being
an active and innovative contributor. I believe I can help out in scale
(how far can eventlet go...), architectural decisions (more services or
less??) and help OpenStack be as reliable and manageable as possible.

I have also in that time helped with various bugs and blueprints and have
been the main creator/pusher/driver of anvil (aka devstackpy, see:
http://anvil.readthedocs.org/) which Yahoo! has been using internally for
various tasks. I have also recently jumped on the cloud-init boat
(https://launchpad.net/cloud-init/) and helped out there (I am now the #2
contributor there) in doing some refactoring and adding in multi-distro
support (where possible) in that project so that it can be used more
widely publicly and internally @ Yahoo!.

++ Technical Skills ++

I have been working in software for as long as I can remember, in various
languages, c/c++, java, ruby, python/jython... Strive to create the best
architectures and code that I can (it¹s always a learning process). Some
of my past work is on github, https://github.com/harlowja, other are not
(unfortunately), or just feel free to ask me on irc or email or launchpad
anytime you want (https://launchpad.net/~harlowja)...

++ Coworker Quotes ++

³I¹ve worked with Josh for several years and the first thing you need to
know is that working with Josh forces you to keep on your technical toes.
He¹s always got his eye on emerging technologies and is very good at not
reinventing the wheel.  A ready sense of humor, sense of fun, and
willingness to listen to other¹s opinions make him an easy person to work

  -- Ken Thomas (krt)

++ Not Coworker Quotes ++


Thanks much for the chance (no matter the result). May the best man/woman
win :-)


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