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Re: Distributed configuration database


Puppet is great for this sort of thing. There are various ways of querying
parameters and making choices about them. A typical example would be where
you want to adjust a configuration parameter due to memory configuration or

Writing the puppet configuration is not difficult... Puppetlabs have an
excellent and actively maintained configuration suite on the puppetforge for
OpenStack along with tutorial videos.

Chef support is also there so there is choice. The DevOps panel gives some
discussion around this

I think building an openstack specific database for configuration would be
hard work to include all of the flexibility that Puppet offers.  It is worth
having a good look at puppet or chef before starting this.


> @Jon - I am happy that these ideas resonate with you. My moot point is
> the metadata should be within the openstack implementation and not
> I am not very familiar with Puppet - is there a way to query the
parameters set
> in the conf file. I would think that Puppet would be given a conf file to
> The values within the conf file would still remain abstracted and not be
> available. Please correct me if I'm wrong in my presumption. Having the
> parameters with their default values in the data store would allow a
> understanding of the different configuration parameters. Also if its in a
> database then dependency and relationship rules or even constraints
> (permissible values) could be defined.

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