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running devstack


I had a long saga of installing devstack:
	1. Started with Ubuntu Maverick. Can't install devstack on this release. fake out apt-sources fails due to dependencies.
	2. do-release-upgade on command lines fails in numerous ways:
	           overflow error -- apparently known problem. patch out offending lines retry.
	           1000s of packages obtained. several hangs during update process. restarted several times.
	            run overnight. grub-update hangs punt.
	3. Clean 12.10 install from cd. --- yipee works. ;)

Finally after that I installed devstack to start getting hands dirty with openstack:

	4. devstack install script works (is it really necessary to install/upgrade unrelated packages e.g. vim??)
	5. devstack.sh install script completes.

But then trying to run any of the exercises fails with " X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication". What didn't I get setup correctly?
          root@84Server:~/devstack/exercises# ./client-env.sh
          Begin DevStack Exercise: ./client-env.sh
          Test Keystone
          X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication.
          Unable to communicate with identity service: {"error": {"message": "Invalid user / password", "code": 401, "title": "Not Authorized"}}. (HTTP 401)

Suggestions  are appreciated.

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