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[SWIFT] Change the partition power to recreate the RING


Hi guys.
We've created a swift cluster several months ago, the things is that righ
now we cant add hardware and we configured lots of partitions thinking
about the final picture of the cluster.

Today each datanodes is having 2500+ partitions per device, and even tuning
the background processes ( replicator, auditor & updater ) we really want
to try to lower the partition power.

Since its not possible to do that without recreating the ring, we can have
the luxury of recreate it with a very lower partition power, and rebalance
/ deploy the new ring.

The question is, having a working cluster with *existing data* is it
possible to do this and wait for the data to move around *without data
loss* ???
If so, it might be true to wait for an improvement in the overall cluster
performance ?

We have no problem to have a non working cluster (while moving the data)
even for an entire weekend.


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