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Re: Network setup - Swift / keystone location and configuraton?



Just to clear things up:

I am still trying to figure out how the different components interact, and exactly what the different parameters on the keystone command does. Once I get that understanding, things will probably be much easier :)
Yes , that's the keypoint. You must understand the workflow.
My assumption is your proxy pipline is using tokenauth and keystone even swift-auth .
The full request workflow is :
client send username/password --> keystone verify it --> return token and service(swift) url to client --> client use returned url and token to swift-proxy --> proxy verify the token by asking keystone immediately ---> keystone confirmed it with several information includes role etc. --> the request pass the token-auth filter --> check the role with swift-auth middleware --> do the operation for user --> returned the result(status)

So the client contacts the keystone server first(directly) - on the URL it is listening on (NAT'ed from public network)? Keystone returns tokenand service URL - and then the client connects to the proxy using the token ?


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