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[Swift] Swift 1.7.6 and python-swiftclient 1.3.0 released


I'm happy to announce that Swift 1.7.6 has been released. This release
is the work of twenty five contributors. As always, you can upgrade to
this release with no downtime for your clients.

You can find download links at https://launchpad.net/swift and the
Launchpad release tracking at

The full changelog for this release is at

I'd like to highlight a few of the more prominent changes in this release.

We've added a feature to the healthcheck middleware that allows you to
cause an error response to be returned based on the existence of a
file on disk. This allows you to turn off a proxy server and
automatically remove it from your load balancer pool simply by
touching a file. Since this is a file that can persist through a
reboot, this new feature can also protect you from using a proxy
server if an upgrade went awry. This new feature allows you to
simplify your operations and more simply control how your cluster

We have added some new options to swift-recon. Using swift-recon, you
can now find the top full disks in your cluster and get more detailed
information about replication times. Also, Swift's dispersion report
tool has some new options to control what output is given. These
changes give you more insight into what is happening in your cluster
by filtering the results to container and object reports.

This release also includes many bug fixes, including some related to
object names and one to prevent the auditors from consuming too many
unix sockets.

I'd encourage everyone to upgrade to take advantage of the new
functionality and bug fixes in this release. If you have any
questions, ask on the OpenStack mailing list or hop in #openstack on
IRC (freenode).

I have also tagged python-swiftclient at 1.3.0 for release.

Thanks again to all of the people who have contributed to this
release. Swift's high quality and success are a direct result of your
hard work and dedication.


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