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Name it Hood!


Hey all!

Here's my pitch for Hood:

a) It's the tallest mountain in Oregon, and honestly, it's a pretty
kick-ass mountain in general
b) Being in the pacific northwest, the mountain itself is quite
regularly in the clouds. That's gotta count for something.
c) It's actually a volcano.
d) Mount Hood is CLEARLY an Oregon thing. Havana is clearly a town in
Cuba. (We should have a design summit in cuba!!!)
e) Harbor is super-problematic because of the US/UK clash in spelling.
Half of us will spell it wrong no matter what.
f) Hood is only 4 letters. Think about that when you think about typing
hatfield a lot. Also, if we name it hatfield, we're going to have to
have the M summit somewhere that has a town called McCoy.
g) I'll buy you a beer at the summit if you vote for Hood.


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