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Re: Name it Hood!


On 01/25/2013 12:54 PM, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> On Fri Jan 25 2013 06:29:32 AM CST, Monty Taylor <mordred@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> f) Hood is only 4 letters. Think about that when you think about typing
>>> hatfield a lot. Also, if we name it hatfield, we're going to have to
>>> have the M summit somewhere that has a town called McCoy.
> Oh! I didn't realized that was the reason why the
> next summit will be in Gortland ;)

Oh dear god. PLEASE let the next summit be in a place called Gortland.

>>> g) I'll buy you a beer at the summit if you vote for Hood.
> And will you also sign my PGP key? These go 2gether!

Only if you can prove to my satisfaction that you are, actually, Thomas
Goirand. :)