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Copy glance image to cinder bootable volumes - "copy_image_to_volume"



I have an openstack installation with 1 controller node, 1 network
node and 2 compute node, configured with GRE tunnel for the network,
and NFS backend for volumes.

I'd like to create a bootable cinder volume from a glance image to
have persistant disque for VMs, and tests live migration in this

But when I ask cinder to create a volume from a image, cinder report
"not supported" ... And I have look into the code, it's seems to be
supportend only with Ceph/Rados or Iscsi driver.

So I have many questions :
- Any plan to support it for other driver/setupe like :  NetAppIscsi
(or netappNFS Driver) ; NFS driver   ?
- Any simple way to create a bootable cinder volume from the
controller node shell ?  (In the doc I must mount the volume on a VM
... create partition .. copy data and so on ; lots of manipulation..)

And of course, I have the same question for cinder snapshot.

Thank you in advance !



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