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Re: Disk Recommendation - OpenStack Swift


On 01/29/2013 02:11 AM, John van Ommen wrote:
> I am looking at hardware from Dell and HP, and I've found that the
> disks they offer are very expensive.  For instance, HP's 2TB disk has
> a MSRP of over $500, while you can get a Western Digital 2TB 'Red'
> disk for $127.
Don't spend too much money on reliability; swift's reduncancy should
provide that. In the end you'll have to do a calculation based on the
economic lifespan of your cluster, the mtbf for the disk, your hourly
wage, the amount of time it takes to swap some disks and so on. Of
course you'll need a vendor with a good replacement policy and response
time; that's where the fee for Dell and HP disks comes from.

If you can halve your total disk price (e.g. including hosts, rack
space, power and switching), that means you can double your redundancy
(and thereby read performance).

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