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Re: [OpenStack] DevStack setup on XenServer


Hi Antonio,

I'm assuming that there really is enough free memory on the XS host?  Could you check with XenCenter or the following command line that XenServer knows there is enough memory?
xe host-list params=memory-total,memory-free

It's possible that this is related to dynamic memory allocation - from the log file the devstack setup used the following:
xe vm-memory-limits-set static-min=16MiB static-max=1024MiB dynamic-min=1024MiB dynamic-max=1024MiB uuid=e3975dab-c7a5-7490-02c6-988185a2c6f6

Try changing the static-min value to 1024 so dynamic memory allocation is ruled out:
xe vm-memory-limits-set static-min=1024MiB static-max=1024MiB dynamic-min=1024MiB dynamic-max=1024MiB uuid=e3975dab-c7a5-7490-02c6-988185a2c6f6



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Subject: [Openstack] [OpenStack] DevStack setup on XenServer

I have to install a devstack multinode using 3 nodes configured as follows:

1) Controller on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
2) Node Compute on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with KVM hypervisor
3) Node Compute on XenServer

While in first two points I am successful, the third point show me the following error when i launch the script ./install_os_domU.sh

+ echo -n 'Starting VM... '
Starting VM... + xe vm-start uuid=e3975dab-c7a5-7490-02c6-988185a2c6f6
There are no suitable hosts to start this VM on.
The following table provides per-host reasons for why the VM could not be started:

xenserver-antonio    : Cannot start here [Not enough free memory]

Full log is at this address:


How can I solve this problem?

Thank you

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