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Re: multiple public ip


Umar Draz asked:
> I want to allocate multiple public ip address to instance, is this possible with openStack?
In order to properly orchestrate resources you need to distinguish between the server holding that resource
and the IP address used to talk with that server.

The fact that a server shows up with two IP addresses does not double the number of objects it can store,
or the number of objects that can be assigned to it for storage.

The OpenStack APIs that I have dealt with the most, storage oriented such as Swift, do not make the
Necessary distinction between resource holder and access identity. But you could determine that by
Examining each API carefully. If you can't tell the difference between a server identity and its network
address, then neither can OpenStack.

What purpose were you seeking multiple IP addresses for? To create specific overlays of a single physical
network, to provide redundant physical paths, or to provide service to disjoint networks?

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