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data network same as "tenant" network?



I'm working on building a pilot OpenStack cluster using the "Basic
Installation Guide for Ubuntu 12.04/12.10" and I have a quick question
about Quantum networking configuration.

I have a data network with interfaces configured for my
network node ( and compute node ( as specified. I'm
about the run the quantum-networking.sh script from the  Virtual Networking
section of the Network Node documentation page, but I'm noticing the
following in the configuration:

TENANT_NAME="demo"             # The tenant this network is created for
TENANT_NETWORK_NAME="demo-net" # The Quantum-internal network name
FIXED_RANGE="" # The IP range for the private tenant network

For the sake of this documentation, is the "tenant network" the same as the
"data network?" In other words, for tunnel mode routing to work as
expected, should FIXED_RANGE be set to ""?