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external dhcp server instead of dnsmasq


Hello ,

Is it possible to use external dhcp server , instead of dnsmasq .
I am using openstack essex, with vlan manager as network,  I have a need
where i need to implement dynamic dns,
so using dhcp3 as dhcp-server and bind9 as dns is possible.

Or is there any way in openstack i can implement dynamic dns in openstack.

One more problem which i am facing , dnsmasq has a option to assign static
ip to a particular hostname using dhcp-host
parameter in dnsmasq config file.

i tried it doing by defining  the config file of dnsmasq in nova.conf


then in dnsmasq config file

i gave options for a particular subnet.


these all options are working except dhcp-host.

Can anybody help me with this.

* With Regards

* Ritesh Nanda


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