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Re: Issues with latests trunk


Is the MySQL adapter for python isntalled in your machine. Because the error corresponds to th unavailability of the MySQLdb adapter.

Kindly have a look into that.

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Subject: [Openstack] Issues with latests trunk

Hey everyone,

I'm trying to run the latest version of devstack-trunk( latest commit on git log is: 87387596631602b5f676eae65823b4f0c5c71e66a).

Im running it currently on Ubuntu 12.04 and whenever I run ./stack.sh I get the following error:

Unable to communicate with identity service: {"error": {"message": "An unexpected error prevented the server from fulfilling your request. No module named MySQLdb", "code": 500, "title": "Internal Server Error"}}. (HTTP 500)
+ keystone endpoint-create --region RegionOne --service_id --publicurl --adminurl --internalurl
usage: keystone endpoint-create [--region <endpoint-region>] --service-id
                                <service-id> [--publicurl <public-url>]
                                [--adminurl <admin-url>]
                                [--internalurl <internal-url>]
keystone endpoint-create: error: argument --service-id/--service_id: expected one argument

Any help as to where to look for /solve the problem would be appreciated


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