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TC candidacy


Hello all,

I would like to run for a seat on The Technical Comittee. I have been working on Nova since it was a project as Nasa and I have been heavily involved in openstack since it was founded. I was elected to the precursor to TC (the Project Oversight Committee, later named the Project Policy Board) when it was first created.

I was also elected as the first PTL for Nova and have been filling that role for the last two years. I am the top contributor to Nova over the lifetime of the project, and the third most frequent contributor over the past 12 months. I helped to create Devstack, Keystone, and Cinder. In addition, I have contributed to Oslo and I am a member of the stable-maintenance team.

Despite passing on the mantle of Nova PTL, I am still deeply involved with OpenStack and I want to make sure that it continues to be a huge success. As OpenStack grows, one of the most important challenges we face is integration. It is vital that we have technical leaders that are focused cross-project and dedicated to making OpenStack as a whole successful.

I currently work as the Director of Open Source at Nebula, Inc. Previously I was a principal engineer on the private cloud team at Rackspace, and before that I was a senior developer on the Nebula project at NASA where Nova was created.


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