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ANNOUNCE: Ultimate OpenStack Grizzly Guide, with super easy Quantum!



 I'm working with Grizzly G3+RC1 on top of Ubuntu 12.04.2 and here is the
guide I wrote:

 Ultimate OpenStack Grizzly

 It covers:

 * Ubuntu 12.04.2
 * Basic Ubuntu setup
 * KVM
 * OpenvSwitch
 * Name Resolution for OpenStack components;
 * LVM for Instances
 * Keystone
 * Glance
 * Quantum - Single Flat, Super Green!!
 * Nova
 * Cinder / tgt
 * Dashboard

 It is still a draft but, every time I deploy Ubuntu and Grizzly, I follow
this little guide...

 I would like some help to improve this guide... If I'm doing something
wrong, tell me! Please!

 Probably I'm doing something wrong, I don't know yet, but I'm seeing some
errors on the logs, already reported here on this list. Like for example:
nova-novncproxy conflicts with novnc (no VNC console for now),
dhcp-agent.log / auth.log points to some problems with `sudo' or the
`rootwarp' subsystem when dealing with metadata (so it isn't working)...

 But in general, it works great!!


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