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Recruiting - Translation Coordinator


Hi, all

Now the translation of OpenStack message strings and documents is managed
by Transifex. The access control in Transifex is set as "Free for all".
Anybody can jump in and contribute to the translation. It's easily to
attract translators but it's not good for the quality. In order to ensure
the quality of translation, there is a plan to enable the role based access
control of OpenStack project in Transifex.

This change will need to set up the translation team for each language,
including translators, reviewers and coordinators. The coordinators are the
leaders of a translation team. They are responsible for the set up of
translation team and the control of quality. Now I send this mail to
community and call for coordinators.

Responsibilities of coordinators include:
1. communicate with translators/reviewers in your team, coordinate the
translation and review work among the translators and reviewers in your
2. control the quality of translation. Review each auto-generated
translation patch in Git review tool.
3. manage the translation memory and glossary for a certain language.
4. communicate with community about requirements, bugs, and issues of

People, who want to be a coordinator, don't need to worry about:
1. the size of the translation team. The translation team can grow from
small. If there is only 1 people who is contributing to the translation of
a certain language, that people could be the coordinator.
2. the usage of tools (Transifex, Git review, and etc.). We have many
people who can help you get familiar with the tools.
3. translation experiences and coordinator experiences. The community have
people with rich experiences who can give you guidance.

If you have passions and time, if you want to contribute to OpenStack
translation, feel free to contact with me.

Thanks and regards

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