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Horizon - Internal Server Error when hitting /nova/instances_and_volumes/


As the subject says, I'm having issues getting at "Instances & Volumes" (also "Images & Snapshots") in Horizon. I'm running grizzly on precise. Everything else works fine; the entire "Admin" tab works as expected. The "Overview" and "Access & Security" also work fine.

Is there any way to see what calls are being made from horizon to nova? I debugged some previous issues by using --debug on some python client calls. But I don't think there's an equivalent in this case.

The Apache log on my horizon machine (a VM under nova) shows the 500 error, then has a bunch of 404s when trying to retrieve media and other resources, e.g. /nova/images_and_snapshots/dashboard/css/style.css. For all other calls there are no 404 errors (and no 500 errors, needless to say). 

I'm only using Nova, Keystone and Glance for the moment. So no Cinder to consider, and no attached volumes. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone?


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