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Grizzly installation successful but VM is not accessible over network or from the host machine


I followed the guide on installing Grizzly on single-node setup. I was able
to install my own customized VM successfully (though after resolving a few
glitches) but the VM is not accessible on the same host or from another
machine. The IP address assigned to the VM does not respond to pings, etc.
though the instance is very much alive (can access via Dashboard console).
Network topology shows Router and the VM being assigned an IP.

The commands 'ifconfig' does not show any of the bridges, nor 'route' shows
any additional routes created.
I have attached the screenshot of the network topology (from Dashboard).

1. I am using Ubuntu 13.04 on x86 64 bit Intel platform with two NICs. Both
NICs have addresses which are accessible within the enterprise network.
2. I have added required security group to enable TCP and ICMP traffic.


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