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[Ask] Guidelines for answering question on Ask


Hello folks,

now that the traffic on https://ask.openstack.org has increased, I think it's time we start collecting guidelines for the moderators so we keep having a very informative tool, with consistently good questions and answers.

I think it helps for example to pay attention to the titles of the questions and make them as explicit and clear as possible. The titles need to look like questions. Good examples are:

* Where can I find instructions on how to setup OpenStack Grizzly on VMware Workstation?
* How to set up metadata service on a flat network?
* Why do I get "No portal found" error while attaching cinder volume to VM?

I have started collecting best practices from Ask Ubuntu, Mozilla and Stackoverflow to be published on this page:


Do you have other examples, guidelines that we can imitate?


Ask and answer questions on https://ask.openstack.org

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