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[OPENSTACK] VMs don't start on host machine reboot (Grizzly over Ubuntu 13.04)


I recently installed Grizzly (single-node) on Ubuntu 13.04 on x86 64 bit
having two physical NICs. I posted about the networking issues that I was
facing after the installation in an earlier post.
Well, while I was debugging the networking issue, I came across a more
serious issue -- my host machine got rebooted (power-cycle) and on reboot I
see that my two VMs are shown in "shut-off" Status and "shut-down" Power
state in the Dashboard GUI. The options available to me are only "soft
reboot", "hard reboot", "terminate instance", "Disassociate Floating IP"
and "Edit Instance". I did first "soft reboot" and the console shows "No
bootable device". Then i tried "Hard reboot" and again the same message "No
bootable device".
I checked that all services are running fine and there are no error
messages in the logs for nova, quantum, etc.

I followed installation instructions based on the following link:


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