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Can nova-network would still continue developing and support VXLAN in openstack H and later version?




At my experiment of openstack implementing of production environment, cause
of the factors of performance, stability ,security and maintanence, I think
the VLAN model of nova-network multihost is quiet good choice to perform, I
also like quantum of different network namespace to separate tenants and
give the freedom let client to create their own network , but the problem
was how only two(active/active base on pacemaker) network node servers could
support tens of thousands VMs and so complicated N to N GRE tunnels in the
system, whatever performance and stability and bad security of the metadata
service to use external network to provide service? 


Like the electric newspaper was not instead of paper media at the internet
era, and I also did not believe the central network node, software based
switch solution in the server is a better choice than hardware network
equipment even SDN is so hot at present, is that a right decision to waste
the powerful capacity of mature network technologies and equipment?


Except the weakness of quantum, nova-network in Vlan mode also have a big
problem in large and multiple cloud centers, the 4096 vlans limitation
within one cloud system, it not only limits the the total number tenants and
also the free transportation of VMs in same tenants from one could region to
another, only because the 4096 vlans.


At my corner, if nova-network could be got continue supporting and vxlan
feature would be support in the roadmap of next version, openstack system
would get big confidence of implementing, because each tenant could get
different VNI and each cloud region would use different range of VNI
numbers, for example the regionOne would use 1-10000 VNIs and the regionTwo
use 100001-20000,and if the vm in regionOne want move to regionTwo, it could
still use the same VNI number in regionTwo, so it could still communicate
with different openstack region but in same tenant and get same network. Of
course we can use VPLS/MPLS VPN connect the different openstack region and
across the service provider network.


Another way is to let the quantum pluging in compute node to support the
"multi host" model like nova-network, to utilize the natural VXLAN support
of openvswitch and pass the traffic directly through the compute node nic to
outside Vxlan enabled network equipment,such as cisco, juniper and others
but not a centralized software based "network node".


So, my question is, can nova-network would still continue developing and
support VXLAN in openstack H and later version? 


That is very importance to us in production environment and multiple
openstack regions.