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Re: Changing the location of Nova's instances


On 15/05/13 14:22, Daniel Ellison wrote:
> On May 15, 2013, at 9:08 AM, "Mac Innes, Kiall" <kiall@xxxxxx> wrote:
>> Personally, I would make use of a bind mount[1] rather than trying to relocate..
>> A bind mount is just like a symlink, with the exception of AppArmor (and I presume SELinux) will handle it "correctly"..
> Ok, so I would move the entire /var/lib/nova directory to /home/storage, then do a bind mount back to /var/lib/nova? And that would require no config changes at all. Nice! Thanks for the tip, Kiall.
> Regards,
> Daniel
Yup - Or, you could just bind mount /var/lib/nova/instances, leaving the
rest on the local disks (I have *no clue* if Nova will handle that
nicely.. But bind mounts certainly will ;))

I use them pretty heavily inside instances to transparently re-locate
data (e.g. MySQL DB's, /var/log etc) the the instances second disk.
Doing this with a symlink, or by updating my.cnf would require
additional AppArmor config changes for the relocation to work. Using a
bind mount get's past this issue..

Anyway - As always, read up and experiment before deciding to go to


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