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Re: Openstack with Ceph, boot from volume


Hi Josh,

On 30.05.2013 21:17, Josh Durgin wrote:
> It's trying to talk to the cinder api, and failing to connect at all.
> Perhaps there's a firewall preventing that on the compute host, or
> it's trying to use the wrong endpoint for cinder (check the keystone
> service and endpoint tables for the volume service).

the keystone endpoint looks like this:

| dd21ed74a9ac4744b2ea498609f0a86e | RegionOne |
http://xxx.xxx.240.10:8776/v1/$(tenant_id)s |$(tenant_id)s |$(tenant_id)s |

where is the IP from the controller node.

And from the compute node a telnet 8776 is working.


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