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Re: [ceph-users] Openstack with Ceph, boot from volume


On 05/30/2013 01:50 PM, Martin Mailand wrote:
Hi Josh,

I found the problem, nova-compute tries to connect to the publicurl
(xxx.xxx.240.10) of the keytone endpoints, this ip is not reachable from
the management network.
I thought the internalurl is the one, which is used for the internal
communication of the openstack components and the publicurl is the ip
for "customer" of the cluster?
Am I wrong here?

I'd expect that too, but it's determined in nova by the cinder_catalog_info option, which defaults to volume:cinder:publicURL.

You can also override it explicitly with
in your nova.conf.



On 30.05.2013 22:22, Martin Mailand wrote:
Hi Josh,

On 30.05.2013 21:17, Josh Durgin wrote:
It's trying to talk to the cinder api, and failing to connect at all.
Perhaps there's a firewall preventing that on the compute host, or
it's trying to use the wrong endpoint for cinder (check the keystone
service and endpoint tables for the volume service).

the keystone endpoint looks like this:

| dd21ed74a9ac4744b2ea498609f0a86e | RegionOne |
http://xxx.xxx.240.10:8776/v1/$(tenant_id)s |$(tenant_id)s |$(tenant_id)s |

where is the IP from the controller node.

And from the compute node a telnet 8776 is working.

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