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Re: [ceilometer] support for older versions of ceilometer



The difficulties of upgrading OpenStack while running production services was one of the major feedbacks from the user survey at
Portland. Core components are including N/N+1 upgrades into their plans for Havana so big bang (and high risk of extended downtime)
upgrades are no longer the default processes.


As a component matures through incubation to core, we also need to have these operational requirements covered. Upgrading 100s of
hypervisors and their controllers require staged upgrades.


I hope that ceilometer can also include this within the Havana timeframe as it becomes a key component of production, large scale




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Subject: Re: [Openstack] [ceilometer] support for older versions of ceilometer


>From what I understand, it is unusual to support mixing components from different releases like that. Am I wrong?




On Thu, May 30, 2013 at 3:29 PM, Tim Bell <Tim.Bell@xxxxxxx <mailto:Tim.Bell@xxxxxxx> > wrote:




Can you advise on what the plan/policy will be for Havana ?


-          Will I be able to run Havana core components such as Nova with Grizzly ceilometer ?

-          Will I be able to run Havana ceilometer with Grizzly core components (with reduced functionality compared to the Havana
core components) ?




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Subject: [Openstack] [ceilometer] support for older versions of ceilometer


The ceilometer team has had a few requests for help with older versions of ceilometer or running the grizzly version of ceilometer
with older versions of other OpenStack components lately. We appreciate the level of interest in the project but, as much as we
would like to, unfortunately we are not always able to help everyone with these "mixed" configurations. During the early phases of
our development we tried to maintain compatibility with folsom, even well into the grizzly development cycle. We are no longer doing
that, however, and so to make clear what support we can offer, the ceilometer team has put together the statement below. It has been
added to our documentation, and we are posting here to make sure everyone has a chance to see it.






The ceilometer team has limited capacity to provide support for older versions of the project. Because the project graduated from
incubation around the time of the grizzly release, that is the first version for which we will provide regular ongoing support
following the standard deprecation cycle for OpenStack [1]. The grizzly version of ceilometer  cannot be installed on the same
server with earlier versions of OpenStack because of conflicting package requirements, but is API compatible with the folsom release
if installed separately.


[1] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/StableBranch



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