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Can I configure a cluster to do this?




I have a server & a laptop I'd like to use to make a cluster with OpenStack,
so I can run a Windows 7 VM on either one. So that when I'm home I can run
the VM on the fast server & rdp to it from another desktop at the house. And
so when I'm out I can migrate it to the laptop & rdp to it locally from the
KDE desktop on the laptop.


I'd be using the Grizzly install guide on github to install them.


My concern is that I don't know if the OpenStack node will function when it
gets disconnected from the other node of the cluster. Can I connect &
disconnect them at will & still run them as if they were standalone nodes?


Another thing I'd like to do with this cluster is to have the storage on
each configured such that there is a copy of the data stored in the system
available locally on each node, so when the Windows 7 VM is located at
either node it can always be accessing a copy of the data locally. Somehow
when the laptop comes & goes the copy on the server would have to be updated
to reflect the changes made on the laptop's copy as it was out- & vice-versa
if changes are made to the server node's copy while the laptop node is
disconnected ever.


Can this be done?


Thanks in advance for your advice.