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Quantum : explanation needed about l3-agent et dhcp-agent (because not working)



I try to deploy an openstack grizzly plate-forme from redhat rdo, in a
multi-node setup.

Well recently support of  net namespace was added to rhel 6.4 through the
rdo repo.
(One quick note : be carefull about vswitch from rdo, it doesnt support gre

So can somebody explain me how works l3-agent and dhcp-agent please ?

I have understand :
- For a routeur or a dhcp network : quantum create a namespace
- In this namespace dnsmasq is launched on the interface
- a peer is created trourgh a "tap" and "ns" interface
- the tap interface is pushed into the ovs bridge

My probleme is when a VM start the network can't get any dhcp server .... :(

I have tested :
- Openvswitch hypervisor : OK ! With manually configure the IP inside the
VMs, they can see each other.

- Tunnel GRE :  OK !  On the network node, i see, with tcpdump on the gre
interface, the dhcp request from the VM.

- NameSpace : They exist and  an interface "ns-<idid>" is present with an IP

- dnsmasq : Inside the namespace the dnsmasq daemon listen on the
interface, so it s seems ok !

- Openvswitch "tap" : well the tap is in the bridge ...

- Link between  tap interface and namespace interface : i see the command
line in the quantum agent log ... but how to test it ?? dunno ..

=>> Well but with tcpdump i didn't see any request on the namespace
interface ... and of course any dhcp respond ..

Thank you in advance !!