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[HyperV][Ceilometer] Performance statistics from Hyper-V with Ceilometer and libvirt


Dear Stackers,

Please I'd like to ask your expertise on ceilometer to try
an approach for monitoring a compute nova running hyper-v

I got a running environment of devstack with KVM on a single-node
 machine being fully monitored by ceilometer. I'm being able to
access its API to see the data collected as well.

On the other hand, I'm using Cloudbase's (cloudbase.it) Openstack Compute
Hyper-V Installer (driver), which greatly help me deploying VMs from
the devstack
node to the hyper-v server. All is working smoothly.

So far, in the irc channel #openstack-ceilometer, I got to know that
ceilometer, just like collectd, uses libvirt to query the hypervisors
for data (thanks dhellmann !). BUT if check in the libvirt.org site,
it's being said
that there's support for Hyper-V: http://libvirt.org/drvhyperv.html
 (given a uri to connect to it).

1. So I'm wondering if all I need to get Ceilometer working for windows
would be compiling it under my windows envionment with mingw chaintool,
for example?

2. Has anyone ever tried this or got any other way to make it data collection
from hyper-v successful ?

3. Do you guys have any other approach that you would suggest (installing
snmp on each of the cloud servers/instances is not an option) ?

Please, share your thoughts. I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thank you very very much.


Bruno Oliveira
Developer, Software Engineer

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