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Re: [HyperV][Ceilometer] Performance statistics from Hyper-V with Ceilometer and libvirt


On Wed, Jun 05 2013, Bruno Oliveira wrote:

> So far, in the irc channel #openstack-ceilometer, I got to know that
> ceilometer, just like collectd, uses libvirt to query the hypervisors
> for data (thanks dhellmann !). BUT if check in the libvirt.org site,
> it's being said
> that there's support for Hyper-V: http://libvirt.org/drvhyperv.html
>  (given a uri to connect to it).

First question is, is Hyper-V driver for Nova used via libvirt?
If yes, then libvirt should be "patched" to provide information to
If not, then Ceilometer should be patched to learn how to poll Hyper-V.

Julien Danjou
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