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Re: [Horizon] [UX] phabriactor/pholio as a possible UX option


Hey All,

I investigated and played with few tools for team collaboration, mainly focused on designs and discussions. They are mostly similar as Phabricator [1], what Monty suggested. You can see inVision [2] or GoVisually [3] for example. And of course there are more, however they are all somehow similar.

I have few notes which covers most of them (from my point of view):

* I can't help myself, but I have disorganized feeling.
- Might be only my problem, but the whole system navigation is just... Strange. Maybe too much graphical :)
* Main focus on pictures.
    - You can't start a thread without picture.
- It's just a little bit weird, if everything is focused on the picture, which from my point of view shouldn't be the main point. Pictures and other documents should be supportive material - discussion matters here.
    - Due on pictures focus, discussions are just somehow neglected.
* I love the inline comments for pictures, but...
- Having possibility to attach comment to any place of the picture is cool, but... still this tool will fail for example in sequence of screens, if you are presenting workflow. * Mainly - I don't see developers coming to this tool and actively ask & discuss.

Therefore, also thanks to comments from Toshi and Kyle, I tried to focus a little bit more on GitHub. I asked couple of colleagues and friends what would they prefer. From developers, the answer was obvious - GitHub. Designers said that they wouldn't mind GH, they are ok with it. Anyway, it's a normal discussion tool, nothing to be afraid of. The reasons why GitHub matters are already covered in my first e-mail and I still see it as the best possibility.

Another reason for GitHub occurred in last conversation on G+ community site. There started thread about design question, which got solved, but then followed implementation discussion how to implement such thing. And here you can see, that any tool focusing on designers in the first place, would fail.

I really don't want to discourage creative people from proposals and discussions - completely the opposite. I want them to connect to developers and vice versa.

That's why I believe that GitHub worths trying.

-- Jarda

[1] http://www.invisionapp.com/
[2] http://www.invisionapp.com/
[3] http://www.govisually.com/

On 2013/19/06 03:49, Monty Taylor wrote:
Hey all!

I spoke with Gabriel about this briefly on IRC, but there is an app for
Phabricator called Pholio which seems to do the things the UI folks are
looking for.

To play with it further, I've spun up a phabricator here:


You should have gotten account signup emails (if not, look in your spam
folder - it's a throwaway machine)

Check out:


I've put up one design review here:


that Jim and I have discussed a little bit.

We're not thrilled with Phabricator for things like bug tracking or code
review yet - but it's configurable enough that we could turn off
everything except design review and move forward with that.

Then, if we get to a point where more of its features are useful to us,
then great - or if this winds up something we only ever use for design
reviews - well, that's great too.

David/Olaph - we'll need an OpenID SSO provider landed upstream before
we can use this. (we are NOT going to carry local patches) There is an
upstream auth refactor going on:


Also, you'll see on http://phab.mnorp.com/M1 a lorem ipsum over to the
side. We should finish that work. Then we'll need to do a proper puppet
install and skinning.

Don't anybody do work yet - mainly I want to see if this is suitable for
the UI folks, and if we as the infra folks feel comfortable running one
for pholio, and whether or not the potential slippery slope of possibly
using more functions is something we'd be ok with in the future.

Thanks for checking this out guys!

Other things to look at if you get bored:

I made an issue:
There is a calendar:
There is a not-terrible code browser:

I particularly like blame being available:

And it's got github-like highlight:


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