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Re: Propagation of account state management changes in keystone across all the services


On 06/25/2013 01:50 PM, Balle, Susanne wrote:

We are looking into how to best architect the propagation of account
state management changes in keystone across all the services. For
example, when we delete a customer domain and/or its tenants, it is
currently a multi-step process with potentially many manual tasks.  This
is error prone and does not scale.   Ideally, we would want the state
change in Keystone to dynamically propagate to all our services so they
can do things like provision or de-provision internal entities. We were
thinking of initially implementing some standard APIs in Keystone to
propagate the state change but are open to discussing the best
architectural path forward to solving this problem( e.g. Message queue,
standard API, etc).

Additionally we need to be able to do administrative functions like
delete a project and have that propagate throughout all the services and
perform the correct cleanup operations.

Hi Susanne,

This is what you are looking for:


Please lobby to get this done in Havana. Frankly, Keystone really should get aligned with the rest of the OpenStack projects WRT to notifications and use oslo.notify.


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