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How to query healthnmon?


Hey stackers!

I am trying to use healthnmon to get meters regarding CPU/Memory
utilization. But I can't find any documentation as to how to query
healthnmon to get these data. I would appreciate if someone would point me
to a link for the same or give an example how I could query healthnmon. I
have referred to this link but it isn't very helpful:

   - Utilization data <https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Utilizationdata>

I have a controller node and a compute node on two different hosts(both on
Ubuntu 12.04). I couldn't get ceilometer to fetch these data for me and I
read healthnmon is meant for this purpose. Please correct me if I am wrong.


Thanks and regards,

Jobin Raju George

Third Year, Information Technology

College of Engineering Pune

Alternate e-mail: georgejr10.it@xxxxxxxxxx

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