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Networking on Hyper-V Host - Newbie Question


Hi, OpenStack newbie here, please be gentle... :-)

I followed the instructions from this post:
http://www.cloudbase.it/devstack-on-hyper-v/ with 2 exceptions:
1.  Use an existing virtual switch
2.  Not using the Quantum plugin (i.e., I want to use nova-network -
haven't gotten around to figuring out Quantum yet)

Instances come up fine - including instances from Windows images.  However,
they come up with addresses in the network.  Since the virtual
switch connected to the NIC in the instance is the external switch, this
address is (of course) on the wrong network and I'm unable to ping/RDP into
it.  Console access works fine.

Am I missing something here or is this the way things are supposed to work?
 How do I configure things so that I can ping the instances on the Hyper-V

Thanks for your time!

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