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Post-installation Grizzly


Hi everybody!

1) I'm wondering where can I find a good post-installation guide of Openstack Grizzly.
If with this three (two basic and one github) installations:


I somehow installed my Openstack cloud, I'm now messing around with Launching and Running instances properly, how to manage volumes, etc.
I'll be glad for every advice as well as the links.

2) AFAIK, for creating an instance there should be a kind of "template", which contains settings for instance, like what volume to attach, what ip address, what image to use, etc. So that when creating an instance you don't have to configure it for every instance. Is there any in Openstack? 
As I've read in documentation, Config Drive has this function, right? In such case, is it stabilized? Is it suitable for Grizzly?

3) Combining these three guides maybe was not very good idea, bcz instances that I create aren't associated with any private IPs, that are in the private network pool of addresses, and I cannot find the trace of it. So what is the possible reasons? I used GRE tunneling.

Thank you for any help!
Rgds, comiq.

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