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Re: Host OS CentOS 6.4 or Ubuntu 12.04



Samuel Winchenbach wrote as an answer to Haitao Jiang:
> I
>  agree with Logan that it is personal preference.
> I am sure for every complaint I have about Ubuntu someone has an equal
> complaint about CentOS.

Samuel is right.  Here is an example for such a "complaint": 

Two or three months ago I had system freezes on a
particular hardware with CentOS 6.4 with the original
2.6.32 kernel package shipped with CentOS 6.4.

These same systems are now running stable for at least
two months with kernel 3.6.6-1.el6.elrepo.x86_64

Having used several distributions (Slackware, SuSE,
Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS to name a few) since 1994 
here and at customers all over the world my advice is:

Try a particular distribution and version on your
particular hardware for at least 2 weeks.  Put heavy
load on disks, cpus, memory and network during this
period.  If it doesn't freeze or otherwise shows bad
behaviour stay with this distribution.  Otherwise
try to fix it or pick another distro and start over.
If this doesn't succeed either try to find the cause
(depending on your time and skills available to do so)
or toss the hardware and start over again.

And this advice has absolutely nothing to do with OpenStack.
Sorry: I simply couldn't resist.

Best Regards, Peter Funk
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