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Re: Networking on Hyper-V Host - Newbie Question


Hi Remo,
Thanks for your answer.  Here is my setup:
1.  Windows 2012 Server with Hyper-V role, getting IP address through DHCP.
 I ran the CloudBase Nova Compute Installer on this machine, and
un-selected the Quantum plugin.
2.  DevStack instance on Ubuntu 12.04, running as a guest on Hyper-V, with
static IP on the same subnet (outside the DHCP range).

I'm loaded my own Windows 7 image into Glance.  Instances come up fine,
with an IP address on the network and are accessible using the
Hyper-V console.  I am unable, however, to neither connect from such an
instance to the outside world (Internet or any other machine on my
network), nor ping an instance from any other machine.  I verified that the
default security group in OpenStack allows ping requests and that the
firewalls on the instances are disabled.

I did notice one strange behavior though:  when I try pinging an outside
site from the instance (for example, www.google.com), I can see that the
DNS request was resolved (i.e., it converted google.com to an IP) but the
ping still fails.  Running tcpdump on the DevStack box shows an ICMP
request to the right IP, but no reply.  Needless to say, pinging works fine
from both the DevStack box and the native Windows OS.

Any Ideas?


On Sun, Jul 14, 2013 at 1:55 AM, Remo Mattei <remo@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> By default you instances will get a 10 network if you need to go out you
> have to map it with a second nic and also if you have not created a
> security rule it will not come in so there are multiple steps to look and
> you will have to ge a floating ip if you want to come from the outside and
> the map it to the machine you just created. Did you deeply this from
> scratch or are you using something to test this like devstack etc.  you did
> not provide some details that may help to answer your scenario
> Ciao
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> Il giorno Jul 13, 2013, alle ore 10:28, Yuval Mazor <yuvmaz@xxxxxxxxx> ha
> scritto:
> Hi, OpenStack newbie here, please be gentle... :-)
> I followed the instructions from this post:
> http://www.cloudbase.it/devstack-on-hyper-v/ with 2 exceptions:
> 1.  Use an existing virtual switch
> 2.  Not using the Quantum plugin (i.e., I want to use nova-network -
> haven't gotten around to figuring out Quantum ye
> Instances come up fine - including instances from Windows images.
>  However, they come up with addresses in the network.  Since the
> virtual switch connected to the NIC in the instance is the external switch,
> this address is (of course) on the wrong network and I'm unable to ping/RDP
> into it.  Console access works fine.
> Am I missing something here or is this the way things are supposed to
> work?  How do I configure things so that I can ping the instances on the
> Hyper-V host?
> Thanks for your time!
> Yuval
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