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Re: InstanceResourceQuota‏


Does nova flavor-create work for you?

[root@rhel62 ~]# nova help flavor-create
usage: nova flavor-create [--ephemeral <ephemeral>] [--swap <swap>]
                          [--rxtx-factor <factor>] [--is-public 
                          <name> <id> <ram> <disk> <vcpus>

Create a new flavor

Positional arguments:
  <name>                Name of the new flavor
  <id>                  Unique ID (integer or UUID) for the new flavor. If
                        specifying 'auto', a UUID will be generated as id
  <ram>                 Memory size in MB
  <disk>                Disk size in GB
  <vcpus>               Number of vcpus

Optional arguments:
  --ephemeral <ephemeral>
                        Ephemeral space size in GB (default 0)
  --swap <swap>         Swap space size in MB (default 0)
  --rxtx-factor <factor>
                        RX/TX factor (default 1)
  --is-public <is-public>
                        Make flavor accessible to the public (default 
[root@rhel62 ~]#


Then you're going through python-novaclient rather than nova-manage.


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From:   claudio marques <mrqss_cld@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To:     openstack lista <openstack@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, 
Date:   07/17/2013 03:29 AM
Subject:        [Openstack] InstanceResourceQuota‏
Sent by:        "Openstack" 

Hi Stackers.

Does anyone knows were I can get info about resizing flavors and 
instances?   I saw on this link  
https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/InstanceResourceQuota some options for 

nova-manage flavor set_key --name m1.small  --key quota:cpu_quota --value 
nova-manage flavor set_key --name m1.small  --key quota:cpu_period --value 

On this command I am limiting CPU usage for the flavor m1.small. 
Where can I have a list of all possibilities that I can use regarding this 
type of operations?

Can someone enlighten me?
Thank's in advance


Claudio Marques
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