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Re: vga video setting for kvm/libvirt virtual machine on openstack folsom


On Fri, Jul 19, 2013 at 11:35:27AM +0200, Jacques LANDRU wrote:
> Hi all,
> I didn't find solution, using google, so trying openstack mailing list. I hope, this is the good place to post.
> I'm using Folsom with kvm/libvirt environment.
> Is there a simple way to force video "-vga std" instead of "-vga cirrus" when launching a vm using nova boot command
> As there is no more libvirt.template.xml, I didn't find how to set hardware properties for a virtual machine.
> I saw I can set vif to e1000 when registering/updating an image in glance with "--property hw_vif_model=e1000".
> Is there a hw_video equivalent property to set vga video characteristics ?

There is no facility to change the video card directly at this time. The
only time it will change is if you enable spice, in which case it'll use
qxl instead of cirrus.

Adding a hw_video_model=xxxxx image property would be a reasonable addition
if you want to file a feature request, and/or supply a patch.

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