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some issues about devstack


Hi, all

I have been using openstack for quite a long time and recently I want to
deploy an experimental environment on 8 machines using devstack. Everything
seems to work fine but there is still some issues that disturbs me

(1) nova logs:
In a productive deployment, as I did before, I can freely read the logs
from "/var/log/nova". However, it seems that in devstack, I can only use
the SYSLOG configuration to gather the logs. However, the logs of 8 machine
is too large to handle and I want to read specificly the nova-scheduler
How can I make it log to "/var/log/nova" as before?

(2) compute-scheduler choices
What I really want to do in nova is to add some new features by modifying
the compute-scheduler. So I need to modify "compute_scheduler_driver" in
"/etc/nova/nova.conf" and use a new scheduler class. But how can I do this
via devstack? I tried to add "SCHEDULER=~~" in "devstack/localrc" but it
didn't work. Anyone have any idea on that?

(3) use the modified /etc/nova/nova.conf
After I changes some configurations in nova.conf, the services need to be
restarted to use the configs. But the only way to do so (as far as I'm
concerned) is to ./unstack.sh + ./stack.sh, which will overwrite all the
previous changes in "nova.conf". Is there any way that I can stop a certain
service and then start it over to use the new configurations.


Eric Yao

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