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Re: State of PBXT


On Fri, Mar 9, 2012 at 11:21 AM, Paul McCullagh
<paul.mccullagh@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Tim, Brian,
> PBXT is currently not under development, as I have had to turn my attention to a new project.
> I have spent the last year developing version 3.0 of TeamDrive (http://www.teamdrive.com/). The Beta version has just been released. TD3 is a complete new development, so it has been a lot of work!
> However, I still have plans for PBXT.
> Recently I have pushed BSD headers to the source code. What is missing is an API so that the engine can be embedded in an application.
> But, the bottom line is, I cannot do it all myself anymore.
> If there is interest. It will have to show itself.
> BTW: The web-site state is the result of a disk crash (and problems with the backup!!). A real bummer!

Are you hoping to move forward with PBXT independent of MySQL? That
would be interesting. I wish we (the community) had done more to help
you with PBXT. You did a lot of great work there.

But MySQL engines are definitely less interesting than cloud-based
storage right now: TeamDrive, box.net, dropbox.

Mark Callaghan

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