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Hi everyone.

Sorry last time I was very very busy and I did take the time to fix bug
under Prestashop.
Indeed during the code sprint on Prestashop we start to refactor a lot the
abstract module "base_external_referentials" and "base_sale_multichannels"
in order to share the maximun of code between the various connector
"magento", "prestashop", "ebay", "amazon"... (yes you read amazon and ebay
this module will be release very soon)
After the code sprint I decide to continue the refactor and to clean
MagentoERPconnect in order to use the same version of
base_external_referentials of Prestashop.
I spend a lot (a lot lot lot) time on that, but now I plan to be back on
Prestashop module ;)
As I have some project on Prestashop during the summer, I will release some
fix and improvement during the two last week of july and also during the
month of august.

I will send a mail when the new version will be available

Have a nice day ;)

BEAU Sébastien
MagentoERPconnect Project Manager at Akretion
twitter : seb_beau
skype : sebastien_beau