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Re: scvim, and "Recommends" deps in p:d


Claude Heiland-Allen said :
> > - add things like vim-addon-manager to the explicit list of packages in p:d.
> I think this is the way to go, if we want to fit all the software we
> really want on a CD.

I second that, it's a bit of a painful process but that's the only way
to avoid a chain reaction of pulling half of Ubuntu.

It requires more work of course as we need to be very specific with
packages but it gives a more realistic overview of what is in the live

Editing specifically the control file is asking for trouble if we want
to sync, pull or eventually push our packages in Ubuntu one day (not to
mention the extra work...).

> > - p:d could add "recommends" things by default.
> This would explode everything in size, because it's recursive -
> similar discussions here:
> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2008-July/025709.html
> """
> This points to a question being: Why are we trying to include Recommends
> on the cd at all since it is nearly oversized already. What goes into
> Recommends are fairly clearly defined in policy, so why are we trying to
> water down Recommends to make it all fit on the cd? Is it to satisfy a
> checklist? ;-)
> """
> But maybe worth trying to build a test CD+DVD with Install
> Recommends and see how big it gets?

That would be a good test.