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integrated a patch by Lionel Dricot to follow XDG specs



Lionel Dricot contributed a patch in his bugreport LP: #262697. PyRoom
now follows xdg specifications about the location of config- and data
directories in users' homedirs, i.e. configuration goes to
~/.config/pyroom/ and data (think themes) goes to

This is only he default setting, developers could for example override
those directorie locations during development to switch their config
directories by setting environment variables XDG_DATA_HOME and

While this creates a dependency to the external library python-xdg, most
modern distributions ship it (e.g. ubuntu does by default).

Please remember to copy your pyroom.conf from ~/.pyroom/ to
~/.config/pyroom/pyroom.conf and your themes to ~/.local/share/pyroom/
if you're running trunk in production use.

Florian 'tiax' Heinle

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