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Re: Renewed pyroom.org


> Hey PyRoom guys!
> From time to time, when I come across a little website of an open source app
> which look could be made better easily, i play with it. So i renewed
> pyroom.org. Please have a look at it and tell me what i can change etc.

Hi Martin, and thank you for your effort, your design is very nice.
For developpers who want to check it out and eventually browse it,
I've quickly created a branch:


Thus, you may want to branch and fork it to improve it if you like via bzr.

Personnaly, the actual design suits me perfectly, but if team members
think this design is better, why not try the switch?

I'll try to put it online somewhere as an alternative version at some
point, just to figure out which one is "the best". (you know,

Bruno Bord,

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