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0.3.2 release planning


Good news everyone!

There's quite a lot of nice changes in PyRoom trunk now. One includes
switching from gtksourceview1 to gtksourceview2, which doesn't exactly
remove the gtksourceview-dependency but should help a little here -
usually, gtksourceview1 has a lot of gnome dependencies in distro
packages, whereas gtksourceview2 tends to be packaged separately.

In the long run, we should switch to gtk.TextView() but that will
require us to rewrite our own undo mechanism - gtksourceview has one,
TextView doesn't. 

For a list of bugs I suggest we should include in 0.3.2 release
planning, please see the milestone:


I set the "due date" to Friday, I think we can release it then.

Florian 'tiax' Heinle

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